All Things Rice

How to cook the perfect rice every time.

The truth about rice is its much loved and appreciated all year through. My comfort food and happy place when rice is cooked, and I can have a combo with just plain rice on its own or with a curry or as fried form.

As we have established the cooking rice is the simplest things to cook and the complication that people experience is overcooking it which is rather mushy and almost looks like glue or paste.

How to cook the perfect rice?

I know a trick or so perfecting the art of cooking the perfect rice, there are many methods of cooking it, braising it, on the hob or the easiest the microwave. But most important is to check what type of rice you are cooking, the texture, the nature of the rice. 

My simple and reliable on the stove with the easiest cooking pot absorption method will do the trick.

Perfect fluffy and tender texture ever time!

My measurements are 1 coffee cup = 2 cups of water of the same coffee cup. Makes sense?

Note to yourself is to know that they are many types of rice to work with, 

    • Basmati
    • Brown rice
    • Jasmine rice
    • Arborio rice
    • Risotto rice
    • Long grain rice
    • Rice pudding rice and more……

I love to eat Basmati any day and my comfort in cooking this is with absorption method in my favourite cooking pot and with just 4 ingredients to deal with

Rice- Basmati which is at least a year old. I use Tilda as the grains are perfect long 

Water– always use warm water 

Fat– use unsalted butter/olive oil. (optional) but gives extra flavour

Salt– always season and flavour to taste. (Rock Salt)

Cooking the Rice:


  • Always Rinse the rice once under cold running water as a cardinal rule to wash away industrial dust that can lead to gummy grains.
  • Boil the water in a kettle 
  • In a wide saucepan add butter wait it melts and add the washed rice grains to it and toast it lightly for about 4-5 min.
  • Add the boiled water, add some salt and cook it for exactly 15 min, (visual explanation is to see that the water is absorbed leaving pockets) turn off the heat and cover lid.
  • Rest of heat let the steam cook and absorb. Take a fork and fluff it. Enjoy your rice when it’s hot.

Handy tips-


  • Soaking the rice for about 20 min prior to cooking will make sure that the grains are nice and soft, and they elongate.
  • Don’t be tempted to take a peek once you close the lid as the steam escapes and this might spoil the cooking process of the rice.
  • Don’t forget to season with salt in the water while cooking rice
  • It only takes 15 min to cook the rice on the stove-top, microwave.
  • Left over rice can be freeze or reused the next day to make Chinese fried rice/tomato or lemon rice.
  • My top favourite recipes to try with rice

Find more of these in my recipes and blogs


  • Pilaf- Iran
  • Biriyani- Indian
  • Spanish rice- Spanish
  • Dirty rice- Jamaican
  • Portuguese tomato rice


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