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My journey

Hello! I am Anita, Chef, Cookery teacher, Photographer, Recipe developer & the curator behind this blog. Here’s where I share my passion for food through my culinary creations!

This is my hub to cook, create and inspire you, with some amazing and simple Indian food by fusing traditional and modern techniques, which is accessible, delicious & healthy!

Food has a way to connect to people and when we add a generous sprinkle of goodness to that; through herbs, spices and fresh produce to make the meals that we love. It fuels your mind, body and soul!

So, whether you’re cooking for family, for friends or even for yourself, always ensure you add a bit of your personality to whatever you cook!

My Journey

I grew up in India, a small city called Bangalore which is also known as the garden city and has a very colonial history and traditional means of living. I remember our home always being filled with the aromas of home cooking, as dining out in restaurants, except on special occasions, was a rare treat. Indians have it in their blood to cook from scratch at home, as our family histories are often passed down through our family recipes.

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I can vividly remember that our windows in our tiny kitchen overlooked our neighbours, where the aromas of ginger and spiced Morning tea brewing, the clutter of vessels which often woke the household and navigated them to the kitchen space. 


The hustle and bustle of busy days often started with conversations about menu planning for the day, a shopping trip and a list to the market! 

A daily project for moms and the comforting home food we all loved having:  a tempered dhal & Rice, complemented with salad, vegetables and a heart-warming plate of freshly made Curry & flatbreads!

The tantalising flavours of the herbs and spices often soothed the tired mind and body after I got back home from college. Those moments felt like I was transported to a land where I was comfortable, and I knew that I would always want that feeling about food no matter where I was.

My mother taught me the basics of cooking long before culinary school ever did, without me realising it. I would often watch her sitting and absorbing her actions and the feast she would create from a few ingredients, and the care and attention she took preparing our meals.


It wasn’t until later in my life, when I myself became a wife and mother, that I realised how much love, nurture and care one can express through cooking for others.

My Mission

We can truly inspire each other, through our cooking journeys, food history and explore new flavours from around the globe and share it on this platform. And that’s why the name “Hobby Cooks” was created as I shared my food stories through my cooking conversations when entertaining my family and friends. I cherish the idea of someone choosing cooking as a hobby, and eagerly creating some wonderful dishes, and building memories in the way of cooking.

Culinary Creds:
I obtained training as a professional Chef in 2015 and after a number of externships and stints in restaurants, I diversified my skills into teaching and giving food demos at food festivals and cookery schools and gradually perceived in taking this as a full time opportunity to translate my food stories  into developing new recipes and blog. 
Through my cooking classes I share the joy of not just Indian cooking but fusing many traditional cuisines with modern techniques to create accessible, healthy and exciting food. I now teach Indian cookery from my kitchen in Northampton, giving the skills and techniques to food enthusiasts wanting to cook Indian food at home.

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My Inspiration

My food and cooking are best described with a lot of Asian influences using Herbs and Spices. Traveling has influenced me to appreciate different flavors, spices, tastes, fresh and seasonal making it authentic, yet holds the simplicity tag on it.

Cooking Indian food is classified as elaborate, with no known recipes recorded; sound or taste the same. Everyone has their secrets and are hardly shared!! but I can tell you it’s big on flavour, requires a bit of patience and once you master it you will soon be making your own creations. 

Food Styling and Photography happened to me as I enjoyed having the camera in my hands and the rest is by trial and practice. This blog is a space where my passion and creativity blend together to share some beautiful memories and cooking experiences with you all.

My Recipes: These are inspirations drawn from some unsung chefs, the places I’ve been, the food I’ve tasted, and the experiences not heard of. Everyone and anyone can eat and try this, and food is all about keeping it simple and enjoying simplicity and this brings joy to my heart with food on my plate. 
BTW! My recipes have the seal of approval from my friends and family who have tried and tasted it!

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Moving on…

I love to share my passion for cookery and cooking techniques with food enthusiasts   wanting to further their knowledge about Indian Food. I am able to provide advice about recipe development & brand representation.

I can help you with menu planning, healthy eating, balancing diet and nutrition or organizing the perfect party menu for occasions, supper clubs & team building workshops.

So, Here I am, let’s keep inspiring each other.

Happy Cooking!


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“I love to share my passion for cookery and specific techniques with enthusiasts furthering their knowledge of Indian food”.

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